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"It’s autumn. It’s July and September. Remember to put on more clothes in the morning and evening. It’s not easy to get well if you get sick in autumn."

Jia Di picked up the northern Xinjiang again in his hand and threw it aside. Falling red nodded. "Emperor, you should also pay attention to some things that are bad for your health when the window is always blowing." Said, and ran to the window conveniently. Jia Di paid her respects to Zhen Fei, and

"Please go inside" Su Yi’s face is going to be stiff with laughter, but he is still comfortable with these things. The most important thing is that he is really happy with his own report today.

The night palace has not had such a happy event for a long time. No, this should be an unprecedented happy event. On weekdays, the solemn front hall of Wangfu also dyed the host’s good mood because of this happy event. It was shining, Xiangyun Yuzhu’s wine and food were glowing with soft light in

Speaking, Meng Qi is not particularly excessive. He just robbed those guys of extra materials. First, these extra materials can be exchanged with Zongnei for a certain stone, or they can stay by themselves. After all, if you have the idea of an alchemist, these materials are still very good.

After all, in the realm of cultivating immortals, Lingshi is not only a tool to assist cultivation, but also plays the role of currency. Dan medicine is not a big deal in the eyes of the black emperor. But if you sell it, it is also a lot of income. In the world of cultivating