He handed the jade piece of proverbs to her, then Aoyan put her arms around her sister gently and asked in a narrow voice, "I heard that you went there today, so how did you make any progress?"

Aojiao blushed, gave Aoyan a white look and said, "What progress?" Aoyan suddenly laughed: "Oh, our little Gillian is beginning to be shy, too. Come on, tell me, what’s the boy like? Let me help you with the details. " If outsiders see the two sisters who are extremely proud of the Dragon Palace, they

"I didn’t see anything." Joe Cen replied lightly that she didn’t want to get into trouble when she came. Who would she like to be with? That’s where she didn’t pay attention to things …

Zhou Min was embarrassed by a slight cough, "Thank you." Qiao Cen nodded slightly one leng. How proud Zhou Min is! I’ve never seen her be too soft on anyone, let alone apologize. What if the rest of the office sees it? In a blink of an eye, when Joe Cen closed the things at


Was shot down again He got up again and pointed to Ling Tianbi. "You have seed …" Bang! "You his mama …" Bang! "… eldest brother, I was wrong. Don’t call and say whatever you want …" After several scattered repairs, the representative finally became honest. He can see that although Ling Tian’s realm is