"Please go inside" Su Yi’s face is going to be stiff with laughter, but he is still comfortable with these things. The most important thing is that he is really happy with his own report today.

The night palace has not had such a happy event for a long time. No, this should be an unprecedented happy event. On weekdays, the solemn front hall of Wangfu also dyed the host’s good mood because of this happy event. It was shining, Xiangyun Yuzhu’s wine and food were glowing with soft light in

"Li Lijun’s door is so wrong that it’s all my fault today! Please also ask Li Junmen that you can bypass the children in my father’s meager face. This time, Huang will definitely give you an explanation! "

It’s the first time that Huang Fang has lived for most of his life when he was knocked on the door and almost killed his son. But looking at this tall young man with a cold smile in front of him, he was deeply impressed that he had no choice but to bow his head

"Thank you, XianShi!" Kneel down towards Sunday and knock a few heads; The man turned and walked slowly in one direction, covering his wound …

… ———— Chapter one hundred and twenty Want to be a fisherman Sunday was generous enough to let go of the mortal who had attacked himself before, but the mortal did not keep his life because of Sunday’s generosity. Then let the man go on Sunday; When the other party is also preparing to go

"Father, you are back!"

Anderes’s voice and expression are very natural, which makes Chen Tian overthrow himself and speculate that he is just uncomfortable in his body. Nevertheless, he still asked 1. "I heard that you came back at noon. Are you unwell?" "I have been thinking about what my father said in the afternoon and I came back

"Shenyang householder but helped the three officials in Beijing to launder money year after year. Where did the affected court reduce taxes year after year? Relief silver and pay the nangongshan master also help a lot. "

The Nangong is livid. If he can move, he will tear the books in front of him to pieces. " "Bai said that it is true or not, and every owner should know." At this time, on the other side, Ye Zhaohua kept biting his teeth and endured the pain, but he couldn’t help groaning