Before the rolling word came out, the tutor suddenly squeezed his neck hard, and then white spots appeared on his face, which seemed to be lividity, and his pupils were rapidly spreading and foaming at the mouth, which looked terrible.

And those who were contaminated with the medicine screamed at once, and then soon appeared the same symptoms as the tutor. They couldn’t help screaming in horror and retreating, and they were afraid that they were accidentally contaminated with the poison. The people who were still taunting and despising Ye Qianlong suddenly turned pale and

As Meng Qi was still sighing, Cheng Rewei’s three girls were already very excited and walked over there. See Meng Qi just stood there, Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer came back in order, and one person held Meng Qi’s hand and left there.

And after discovering each other’s actions with their own, the two women are all paused. It was just a slight moment, and then both of them returned to normal. Then the two women took Meng Qi’s hand and began to shop seemingly leisurely. In the eyes of others, Meng Qi is extremely happy now. Two

After commanding a failed war, Marshal Paolo Navarro, Minister of the Sixth Army, and Marshal Jorge Kabila, Minister of the Navy, resigned and stayed for a while, Alfonso XIII granted their request.

From March 26, a train full of soldiers and wounded on the railway line from Lalia to Area 6 was running away from the coast, and the scene was completely opposite in the past few weeks. The soldiers sitting in the carriage hung their heads one by one, and some people sobbed very low. On

"Yes? Don’t die hundreds of millions of years ago, but now it is planted in my hands. " Calm down, Tianjun tries to control himself xìng not let his heart be affected at all.

"Planted in your hands? Haha, you respect yourself too much! Give me death! " From extremely quiet to extremely dynamic, the white Se body in front of me obviously wants a sudden attack, which kills Tianjun. However, could Tianjun be fooled? Before in the Three-in-One War, Tianjun had seen such a situation much more, and