Speaking, Meng Qi is not particularly excessive. He just robbed those guys of extra materials. First, these extra materials can be exchanged with Zongnei for a certain stone, or they can stay by themselves. After all, if you have the idea of an alchemist, these materials are still very good.

After all, in the realm of cultivating immortals, Lingshi is not only a tool to assist cultivation, but also plays the role of currency. Dan medicine is not a big deal in the eyes of the black emperor. But if you sell it, it is also a lot of income. In the world of cultivating

He handed the jade piece of proverbs to her, then Aoyan put her arms around her sister gently and asked in a narrow voice, "I heard that you went there today, so how did you make any progress?"

Aojiao blushed, gave Aoyan a white look and said, "What progress?" Aoyan suddenly laughed: "Oh, our little Gillian is beginning to be shy, too. Come on, tell me, what’s the boy like? Let me help you with the details. " If outsiders see the two sisters who are extremely proud of the Dragon Palace, they

Qu An’s face was red with anger and his eyes were red. "I didn’t make it up. I’m not a princess. My name is Qu Pingjing Hou Fushi. I swear to God that every word I said is true. Otherwise, it will thunder."

This is like thunder on the ground, which makes several people stunned. In this era, everyone believes in ghosts and gods and does not swear easily. But once you swear, the curse is serious- At the place, everyone believed in "Ping Jing Hou Fu Shi? Mom, this is also a prince. How dare the Liu

Shang Yu is still dressed in black, and even the style is no different from what he wore before. If he is careless, he will wear the same dress for many years!

He looks like his voice is as cold as his black body. Even if the speaker is his Lord, he doesn’t have the slightest tenderness. "Take these memorials and take a trip to the imperial palace with the palace!" Huangfurui vertical eyes glanced at the console table that pile has been read the throne cold