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Sun Cong still sat in the garden pavilion and saw Chu Yifeng coming. Her cold eyes shot up like moonlight. Now Chu Yifeng’s cultivation seems to have increased a lot, but it’s just a feeling that she still can’t see through.

And Chu Yifeng showed no weakness, and from time to time, he flashed a lightning bolt in his eyes. The momentum of violent ascension around spin up a gust of wind. Sun Shan gently took a sip of his lips. Heart andao: "Since I sat on the elders of Beiguxing, no matter who or what

Xiao pity son, don’t worry, I won’t let you die so easily. I will ask a doctor to treat you well. You must live a long, long life. Look at me and be happier than anyone else. "

Loosen her knees and her hands are full of blood. She sniffed her hand gently, and the fishy smell had a special satisfaction besides nausea. She hooked her lips and smiled slightly, but her eyes were slightly moist. She closed her eyes to stop the pain in her heart and said, "Baby, mom has avenged

He handed the jade piece of proverbs to her, then Aoyan put her arms around her sister gently and asked in a narrow voice, "I heard that you went there today, so how did you make any progress?"

Aojiao blushed, gave Aoyan a white look and said, "What progress?" Aoyan suddenly laughed: "Oh, our little Gillian is beginning to be shy, too. Come on, tell me, what’s the boy like? Let me help you with the details. " If outsiders see the two sisters who are extremely proud of the Dragon Palace, they

"Li Lijun’s door is so wrong that it’s all my fault today! Please also ask Li Junmen that you can bypass the children in my father’s meager face. This time, Huang will definitely give you an explanation! "

It’s the first time that Huang Fang has lived for most of his life when he was knocked on the door and almost killed his son. But looking at this tall young man with a cold smile in front of him, he was deeply impressed that he had no choice but to bow his head