Lao Luo even joked that if the Pope dies in his hands, he is likely to break through to the demigod directly.

After reading Hao Ren, he handed it to Rodriguez beside him to "see"
Rodriguez showed a strange smile after reading it. "It’s very watery. It should be that the traces of the news are too heavy."
"It should be a trap."
"Do you want to continue?"
"Of course, the more difficult it is, the more important it will be, right?"
I took out a pen and wrote a line on the back of the parchment and handed it to Rodriguez. Hao Ren patted Rodriguez on the shoulder. "I will help me take care of Betty and others in a few days."
Rodriguez was stunned to know that Hao Ren had been gone for a long time before he came to his senses. From the moment he knew Hao Ren to now, he had never seen him talk the same way. Rodriguez was at a loss.
Looking at the sheepskin in his hand, Mr. Luo seems to think of something. Looking at Hao Ren for a long time without saying a word.
A huge red and black building in the west of the mainland stands on the highest floor of the earth building. The purple emperor kneels respectfully and thinks that the figure in the amethyst in front of him tells that the purple emperor can kneel or that the creature has a witch god!
"So it seems that this is a trap that those sinister guys in the Vatican deliberately spread out." A neutral tone from the crystal holds the life and death of tens of billions of creatures, but I don’t recognize how majestic it is.
"The pursuit of British also speculated whether to inform the Hilton family" Purple Emperor replied respectfully with his head down.
"I don’t need to see if the Hilton family is a goblin or a lion."
"If he is a lion, bring him to me."
There will be no shortage of closet cards in the Millennium organization. Naturally, there are also popes and three cardinals with hallows who can form a magic circle.
God will naturally ask someone who can be called a god in the human world to come out, seraph! The peak of demigod! It has no real meaning to have a strong light and magical ability to finish the elemental creature. If it is attacked to the core, it will consume all its energy and disappear.
Everyone guessed that Bishop Paul’s trip would be a trap, but no one changed a decision. He knew they were waiting for him and they knew he would come, but the Vatican didn’t expect him to show up alone in broad daylight.
The big thorn pricks the road with a nightmare in the crotch and a dark eagle-shaped Warcraft blood on the shoulder, telling the Vatican high-level opponents that ordinary soldiers have a cannon fodder!
When the Black Armor Knight was discovered, Archbishop Paul took out the Holy Grail, which belonged to him, and he appeared with him. There were four other sacred objects symbolizing force. Rapier symbolized the imperial crown, the protective shield, the cross of faith and the holy grail of life.
Their appearance at the same time can represent one thing, that is, falling to the gods!
When there were no waves on both sides, Hao Ren instigated a nightmare to charge at the first time, and the Vatican also launched the descent of the gods for the first time. Hao Ren did not expect that this time the Vatican would let him dig such a big hole.
The pope, the three cardinal religious judges, and the top leaders of the Holy See were all present.
"Blackie, remember to tell Mr. Luo to sometimes think about what to do when he becomes a demigod."
"Does the boss have to do this?" The little black voice is very low and a little pleading
"You have been with me for the longest time, and my heart should know that when Snow died, my heart went with her. Help me take care of Betty. I wrote a letter to Munrio and went to see him at the right time."
"Boss! I will miss you! "
"The little black you are a yes don’t mother-in-law! You and I have to be perfect in the last battle! " Hao Ren shook his arm and sent Xiao Hei a big roar.
"hell walk"
Nightmare hooves flame jumped three times faster at once, and Hao Ren also had an extra metal dragon gun in his hand.
Chapter 313
A dragon gun, a nightmare, a black armor, a cloak and a corpse.
When the magic circle needs everything, it also needs people’s lives to change. This is a plan. How many people died on the battlefield is just a number, but if you really want to see so many people die, you will have another feeling before you.
The Vatican has made up its mind that even these cannon fodder are high-grade cannon fodder, but today Hao Ren has put all the baggage differently. He can stop the seven-meter-long dragon gun without cannon fodder, and his hands are like dragons from hell.
If you touch it, you will die. If you touch it, you will die. If you don’t have gorgeous skills and beautiful guns, it will be the most primitive and barbaric force. Clear a way out from the cannon fodder of the Vatican.
As the death toll continues to increase, Hao Ren’s domineering is becoming more and more powerful.
Finally, Hao Ren saw that the Pope and the Vatican executives were casting spells, and Hao Ren threw out his blood-stained dragon guns. Hao Ren’s spear throwing technique was guaranteed after hard training.
The charging force and Hao Ren’s strong proportion of the dragon gun stabbed the Pope with a harsh sonic boom.
Bang …