Mubolun’s eyes burst with darkness.

Uncle ….. This degress is from which theory?
In fact, he didn’t know it was Qing Mo Yan, and he didn’t joke about taking advantage of him on purpose.
As far as the true identity of Qing Moyan is concerned, he is indeed Uncle Mubolun.
Chapter 51 Harmony Everyday suddenly can’t cook.
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Ru Xiaodong opened his eyes 1
The scene in front of us is somewhat illusory.
What’s going on?
She blinked her eyes and her sight became clear.
She tried to sit up, but she fell back.
"awake?" One side sounded blue ink and Yan sound.
She didn’t notice the blue ink yan sitting on the bed, holding.
"Are you hungry?" Qing mo Yan asked
"Well, I’m starving." Ru Xiaonan smiled and she leaned softly against the blue ink face. "Why don’t I have the strength?"
"You’re sick. It’s good to sleep a little more these days and get something to eat." Green ink Yan light way at the same time brought a cup from the bedside table.
The water is still temperate with some honey slightly sweet.
RuXiaoNan took his hand and drank it all at once.
"Slow down and no one is robbing you." Qing Mo Yan joked.
RuXiaoNan licked his mouth "more"
"Drink less and you won’t be able to pack it when you’re full."
"Well, listen to you" RuXiaoNan clever nodded his head.
When dressing, she now has several needle holes on the back of her hand.
"What is this?" She leng leng.
Qing Mo Yan’s eyes were slightly dark but soon returned to normal. "I asked someone to give you several infusions for your palm wound inflammation."
RuXiaoNan straight wait for a while staring eyes.
Although she doesn’t doubt what Qing Mo Yan said, she always feels that something is wrong.
It’s like she forgot something. Why can’t she remember it …
She scratched the back of her head.
That day, her palm was inflamed, and it seemed that she would take her to the hospital.
Blue ink yan eyes riveted on her face for fear of missing an expression change.
"By the way, didn’t you say you would take me to the hospital to visit Mubolun?" Ru Xiaonan wondered, "When did I get sick? Why didn’t I remember?"
Blue ink yan arm ring up and put her into his arms.
"Little fool forgot so soon?"
The soft touch fell on her forehead, making people feel sleepy.
RuXiaoNan shu narrowed his eyes.
"We’re not going to the hospital. Mubolun has come to live with us."
Ru Xiaonan looked up in surprise. "When did you agree?"
Qing Mo Yan raised an eyebrow. "Do you want me to punch him out?"
"No, no …" RuXiaoNan put to "I mean … I you hate him …"
"I hate him very much." Qing Moyan pulled a long face. "But I am an elder who can stand him."
It took RuXiaoNan a long time to understand what he meant by "elders".
Nestled in his arms, laughing and out of breath
"Green ink Yan MuBolun if know … will grieve"
Qing Mo Yan looked at her face and smiled with soft eyes. "Mu Bolun asked me to tell you that his copper coins are still waiting for you, and sometimes I will give them back to him."
RuXiaoNan froze.
"MuBolun he … he …"
"He is now both Mu Bolun and Yu Jingqi."
"Wow!" RuXiaoNan couldn’t help crying out, "Does he really remember those things before?"
Green ink yan nodded.
RuXiaoNan was so excited about it that she gradually forgot about going to the hospital.
Qing Mo Yan helped her get dressed, simply combed her hair and then took her to dinner.
MuBolun was drinking coffee in the kitchen when he saw Qing Mo Yan coming in holding RuXiaoNan’s hand and left the pie mouth. "Your coffee here is really terrible."
RuXiaoNan green ink yan smiled at one another.
Sure enough, Yu Jingqi Mubolun became a person, and even the complaints were very similar.
"Are you really Yu Jingqi?" Ruxiaonan smiles and bends his eyes.
Green ink Yan put her in the chair and turned to help her with her meal.
MuBolun glanced at the green ink yan saw that he didn’t even look at his side some accident.
"But from now on, there is no more Yu Jingqi. I am now the heir of the Mu family. If you have any difficulties, just come to me. If that guy in Qing Mo Yan bullies you, you can come to me … he doesn’t want you and I want you."
"Pa" a porridge bowl was heavily put on the table by green ink Yan.
MuBolun stopped.
"Coffee can’t stop you." Blue ink Yan has a faint tone.
Mu Bolun coughed and bowed his head to drink porridge.
Blue ink yan sitting among the two of them I don’t know where to take it out and continue to read.
After dinner, Qing Mo Yan accompanied Ru Xiaonan to take a bath.
Although RuXiaoNan kept pushing him to the door, she still had a face of primly mixed double washing with her.