Zhang Tiehan secretly gritted his teeth.

Head coach Dever and another middle-aged man came this way. This transaction was made by Dever, who helped him appreciate Zhang Tiehan. Zhang Tiehan came to Wigan Athletic, but Dever was also worried that he knew little about Zhang Tiehan except that game. 400,000 pounds is also a big deal for Wigan Athletic. This transaction is risky.
From the appearance, Dever has some confidence.
This young man is very strong and honest in appearance, and he belongs to the kind of obedient player who has no mind to play football wholeheartedly, but such players often won’t achieve much after their football IQ is low.
But it won’t lose much compared with the transfer of 400 thousand pounds
"Hello, zhang! Welcome to Wigan Athletic! " Dever offered his hand.
Zhang Tiehan quickly shook hands with Dever, and he smiled a little. With one sentence, he had a great affection for Dever, because Dever couldn’t pronounce the pronunciation of’ Zhang’ correctly when we met once, but now it is very accurate.
"Hello, Mr. Dever."
"Zhang, you can call me by my name just like them."
Zhang Tiehan light breath way "good Dever".
"It seems that you are ready, then come with me." Dever looked at Zhang Tiehan and nodded silently.
At present, the young man looks a little nervous, but it is normal for a ten-year-old player to be nervous, but his expression is not too stiff and he looks confident. This may be because he is from Manchester United, a small club of Wigan Athletic, but confidence is very important for a professional player.
Dever and Zhang man of iron chatted halfway and called a worker to take Zhang Tiehan to do some basic tests.
Zhang Tiehan followed all the way.
He was a little nervous just now, after all, he just arrived at Wigan Athletic Club, and he didn’t know what was different here. After all, he needed to adapt, but now he is not nervous at all.
Dever is easy to get along with, and those workers are not as cocky as Manchester United. In Manchester United, everything is linked to’ arrogance’. Maybe if you stay there for a long time, you will be arrogant, but here you are generous and enthusiastic. Everyone laughs from the heart.
It is very comfortable to talk with these people, and it may be a good choice to come here.
Zhang Tiehan followed the two men to the back of the club’s training ground. What he saw all the way gave him a new understanding of Wigan Athletic. Many facilities here can’t be compared with Manchester United, even the Manchester Youth Team.
Fortunately, he doesn’t care about these.
"This is it." The worker stopped and pointed to the sign in front of him. Dever stepped in and went out after a while to say hello to Zhang Tiehan.
This is Wigan athletic clinic.
Joel is forty-five years old, but he has worked here for nearly twenty years. He is an old man of the club. He is the team doctor and is also responsible for the players’ health and physical fitness tests.
Physical fitness test means that a player’s blood contains various elements to judge a player’s health. Joel first measured Zhang Yang’s weight and height, took a little blood, and then let him go out.
Ten minutes later, Joel walked out of the door with a form. He handed the form to Dever and stared at Zhang Tiehan carefully. His eyes seemed to see something to cherish.
"Dever, are you sure it’s human?" Joel said so.
This is still very conservative.
After working for 20 years, Joel doesn’t know how many similar tests have been done. Ordinary people have phenol and ammonia in their blood, but professional athletes will exceed this standard. The stronger the player is, the more shocking the excess of phenol and ammonia in this blood test document has reached, which exceeds the standards of some professional boxers and special forces personnel who do extreme training every day.
At present, the young man is too strong
Dever doesn’t know much about these standards, but looking at the’ A+’rating in the form, he still feels a little incredible. The best player in his team who did this test was only’ B+’.
"Joel, are you mistaken?" Dever pointed to the form.
Joel stare big eyes angry way "are you questioning me? Dever! You have only been here for three years and I have worked here for twenty years! I have done blood data analysis for twenty years … "
"Good good! Joel, you are right! " Dever listened with a big head. He called Zhang Tiehan and said, "Okay, let’s do some other tests."
What does’ A+’stand for? Dever doesn’t know that he trusts actual data more than blood tests.
"You’ll be surprised, Dever. You have to believe in science!" Joel couldn’t help shouting behind him
Chapter 16 A+ Meaning
Dever didn’t know what Joel meant. He knew that Joel spoke highly of Zhang Tiehan, but he didn’t know exactly how high this’ A+’stood for.
If the evaluation is’ B+’,you can make a reference with other’ B+’players. He has no idea what’ A+’means.
So he took Zhang Tiehan to do basic tests, such as 100 meters, jumping and so on. Although this kind of track and field data is not direct with football, it is enough to reflect a player’s physical fitness and basic level of football.
"The first item is the 100-meter speed test. If you can reach 12 seconds, it is considered qualified." Dever said to Zhang Tiehan while looking at the form.
A newcomer came to the stadium for a test, and some training players came to join in the fun. Dever hasn’t introduced Zhang Tiehan to them yet, but after Ian bulykin’s uproar, everyone knows Zhang man of iron’s name. Many people saw Zhang Tiehan play once against Manchester United, but the most striking thing was not the make-up goal, but his fight with Ronaldo, which was enough for many people to remember him.
"He’s the guy who fought with Manchester United’s Ronaldo. He’s really interesting," wrote ellington next to bulykin. "He looks simple and honest and should be easy to get along with."