"What news?" For the windy night Xuan, Nan Haochen has always been elusive.

It is said that he is a ruthless person, which is why even if the Regent takes refuge in Xiaoyao Palace, he will take refuge in the night porch, which is really unreliable …
Feng Ye smiled darkly. "Has your majesty ever heard of the art of resurrection from the dead?"
Nan Haochen’s Adam’s apple rolled clearly for a moment. At that moment, he clearly heard his exhausted heart beating again. The sound was still slow, but soon he became manic and almost jumped out!
His eyes widened. "Are you serious?"
"Of course, there are many other things besides the storm, fire, water and soil. You should know that one thing is that people who are proficient in dark power can bring people back to life …"
"You … you have the power of the ghost?"
"Of course"
At this moment, Nan Haochen’s idea of wanting Zhuge Yue to be resurrected has surpassed everything. How much he wants to touch that warm face again, so he sinks his eyes and bluntly "gives you the conditions"
On a windy night, Xuan’s left hand gently shook, and blood flowed from his right wrist and dripped into the bowl and handed it to Nan Haochen to "drink".
Nan Haochen looked at the red and black blood, which means that if he drinks it, it will become a windy night from now on. If the servant Xuan doesn’t obey his body, the blood will become a method worm and climb out of the 7 th. It’s terrible to die!
But the desire to see Zhuge Yue has surpassed everything, so he drank it without hesitation …
-dividing line-
Zhuge Yue changed his clothes and quietly went to the kitchens. At this time, no one in the kitchens was quiet.
She was rummaging through the ingredients in the imperial kitchen when a strange smell approached. She clearly saw someone behind her and cast a shadow on the ground in front of her!
She moved her finger and a gorgeous magic shot through Chapter 1 The cat must not be revealed.
She moved her finger and a gorgeous magic shot past!
"Empress is a slave"
When I turned around, it was actually a mosquito. She took back her hand. "You scared me to death!"
She gradually likes the little mosquito. Although she looks like an apple polisher on the surface, she always helps Nan Lichuan calculate her, but she is still on her side most of the time!
Don’t tell me about that precious princess just now!
"What is the queen going to do?"
Zhuge Yue smiled, "The secret cannot be revealed."
As soon as Nan Lichuan entered the bedroom in the early dynasty, he was depressed.
Burst-those curtains have been pulled up.
The guards around were shocked and all drew their swords. "There are assassins!"
The light in the bedroom dimmed a lot, and suddenly there was a loud song "Happy birthday to you …"
Hey? Is this assassin or a woman? As soon as these guards were puzzled, Nan Lichuan recognized Zhuge Yueyin’s glittering eyes and blurted out the word "Yueyue-"
Then a light beam shot up!
"Protect the emperor …" Those guards were nervous and hurriedly surrounded South Lichuan.
There was a man at the place where the light beam settled, but he was familiar with them-mosquito!
In front of him is a table with a round cake covered with fresh milk, and the thread turns around.
A small snake in the snow is faint and spits a letter because Nanlichuan is a snake.
Happy birthday to Nan Lichuan, written with jam in several bright characters!
Those guards looked straight. What is this? Even the imperial kitchen can’t be made.
What a mysterious thing, but it makes the air full of a sweet and greasy taste.
Nan Lichuan’s dark eyes were refracted by the light, and the floating light swept the light and shadow.
He walked up to the pastry and stared at it as if he saw a beautiful image. She rolled up her sleeves to show her white arms and the tip of her nose was soaked with sweat.
He put his fingers in his mouth and sucked "so sweet"
"Emperor, this is the first gift from a male and female servant. The surprise is yet to come!"