While Zuo Tangtang was still muttering silently, a horse with a black package on his back seemed to have eaten a lot of buff, and quickly flashed from his side like a gust of wind and ran to the head of the forging factory.

Zuo Tangtang …
At this time, I don’t forget to scatter the charlatans outside and come in to sell meat tickets. In addition to seeing Pikachu, there is probably this new fudge that can be called "the turning point in the history of the Royal Guards".
Cenjin, I don’t know how many people have seen and experienced this from the old district to the new district. The old man didn’t want to say anything at this time, but he didn’t find everyone’s eyes crossed. After receiving the silver, he let everyone go.
What is this for?
Is it possible to let everyone lurk in the next building?
Zuo Tangtang really doesn’t understand the idea of fudge.
The forging factory is surrounded by a circular stone wall and surrounded by trees in steep mountains. It is difficult for others to climb in a short time. The only way leading to the forging factory is the main entrance.
When you enter the eye through the main entrance, it is a huge melting pot, and the side is surrounded by walls or mountains, which is similar to various simple sheds. The aisle is narrow, and an NPC can patrol it. There are protrusions everywhere, and the shed extends to the middle melting pot, which makes the forging factory that was originally small more crowded.
This is definitely not a good place to fight.
I was deeply touched by Pikachu who once escaped from blackening and exploding hair here to kill Zuo Tangtang.
It may be easy to defend but difficult to attack, but if the enemy forces attack, it will be difficult for them to exert their fists and feet no matter how powerful they are.
Please enter the urn. It is very likely that they are trapped in this urn, too.
However, Zuo Tangtang also knows that soy sauce makers are careless and reckless, and every fight routine is so unexpected, but I have to say that she knows that there is no failure in the fight.
The fudge changed kelp and decided to come to this seemingly unreliable place. He must have had his ideas. Kelp can trust him conditionally. How about her?
Sure enough, fudge has its own plan.
Flying Skill: Stepping on these messy-looking sheds, then turning over and jumping to the path taken by the NPC patrol, Zuo Tangtang looked at his side and looked at the map calmly and wholeheartedly, representing that the enemy’s green dot moved around, took a deep breath, quickly pressed the keyboard and held his own characters to jump almost perpendicular to the furnace wall.
When we tried our best to jump around, the Royal Guards looked at the scene they had never seen before on the edge of the stove-it seemed that jumping could completely burn people’s terrible flames. Zuo Tangtang had to admit that the method of soft candy was feasible
This is a desperate adventure.
However, it is a clever strategy to the extreme.
Kelp sketches a cliff in the red circle, and takes this opportunity to attack the strategic terrain. Although this small forging factory won’t have it, the fudge is beneficial to the concealment and completes such an advantage.
The flame in forging furnace can’t burn the dead, which is rarely known by the people in the Royal Security-no one talks about staying here after selling the meat ticket, looking for the position where forging furnace can step on his feet, with complicated and accurate walking to reach this place, which is almost as high as the city wall. forging furnace jumped to see if it would be burned to death.
Even an old security guard like Cenjin Kelp doesn’t know anything. How will everyone know when they come here to fight in Blissful Valley?
Divide a group of people into two parts, one of which includes Zuo Tangtang jumping into the furnace from the side before the enemy comes-it won’t fall off. According to the description of the soft candy, it contains a large section, which is covered by fire, but there is no problem when people step on it.
And fudge led the rest of us to enter from Fangzheng Gate in forging furnace! to be continued
[451] Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Battle of Forging Factory]
Forging furnace is a high point with advantages.
Although it is not like the top of the tower, it can overlook everything and grasp all the high points. After all, according to reality, everyone is in a sunken furnace, but because of its difficulty in climbing and concealment, it is a very good position that is easy to defend and difficult to attack
The fudge took the rest of the people to forging furnace, where there was a small front door that was very hidden. When you look in from the outside, you can see a piece of red. It was the color of fire. No one went in. Even Zuo Tangtang once said that it was a map of Royal Guards. Now, she can remember where it was, and no one went in. Because at ordinary times, few people are willing to enter it at the trouble of burning and resurrection. Secondly, even if someone looks carefully, it is just a small place.
However, the actual side is different. Zuo Tangtang should have been with fudge and others in the face, but think about the war strategy. This time, in the martial arts battle, she volunteered to take part in the face-to-face action. With the previous scanning, I have to say that a small furnace has so many twists and turns, even if someone risks his life in this game, it is difficult to find fudge and others hiding in it without very careful inspection.
The most ingenious thing is that the number of people who see their coordinates in the forging factory is only half of what they are now-the architectural structure makes the number of people overlap on this plane map. Whether it is better to let the enemy relax their vigilance and send a few people in to spy on them or simply leave them here for the time being to find more people is a kind of protection and advantage.
I have to say that in this forging furnace, what the structural judge has learned in a few days is indeed comparable to that of many people.
Previously, the heads of the regiments led their teams to their own small channels and stayed in the main channel, so they were simply regarded as a small channel to direct the United front, and so on. At the same time, they would learn to control wheat, and at the same time, they would play some various types of battle songs according to the status of the members in the pre-war and post-war wars. However, one of the fudge players never followed the popular routine and got a strong denial from Cenjin that they could not play "cheerful and lively" lovely songs such as Smurfs. He was very disappointed that fudge simply changed the wheat sequence mode into a free mode, and the whole team could speak and fight
But after all, not everyone is wonderful.
In this "Liberation" channel, no one will learn to make fun of all kinds of things, such as round cakes, hitting peas and cats, and everyone will pay close attention to the movement in the game and report something to each other from time to time. Lonely fudge will continue to be silly with a sigh. wait for a while looked at the map in a daze
Someone’s coming!
Zuo Tangtang kept a close eye on those red dots moving on the map, but he didn’t speak, but he kept a close eye on them with high vigilance.
Just now, almost many red dots appeared at the fork in the road, which represented the arrival of the other side’s Blissful Valley. Everyone in forging furnace was very nervous at that moment, but it seemed as if they guessed that there were not many people who were "hostile" compared with such a close-up view. Several brothers of the Blissful Valley directly chose to give up going to the reunion location of the second and third, but they passed carefully. However, there were a few small groups of people who were wandering around in an indefinite way. According to Zuo Tangtang’s observation, this was probably specially set up by the other side to patrol and visit the team to prevent some temporary troops from being replenished.
However, everyone in these teams is probably an elite-in this mode of life, few teams have the courage to risk being attacked by groups and go to guerrillas.
This looks like a guerrilla squad. A few red dots don’t go directly to a remote place like the previous guesses, but go behind a fork in the road and move in that direction to the arsenal. Zuo Tangtang is still wondering if it is difficult for their forging factory to hide the team, but this team is running towards the back of the forging factory when it is put there by the enemy like a rib.
Are you going to climb from the cliff behind?
As the red dot moves a little, Zuo Tangtang’s guess is confirmed, but the guess of the guerrilla brothers in Blissful Valley is not what they imagined-there is no more prevention at the main entrance of the forging factory because it is "the seemingly only entrance". In fact, they simply don’t know that all of them are hiding in the central forging furnace of the forging factory.
"Come" CenJin also early note was serious.
It seems that it took a lot of effort to climb this peripheral cliff, and it took a long time for these red dots to move slightly inward. Because they are all hidden, whether the fudge is hidden in the stove or staying on the floor together, there is no way to see the movement clearly, and we can continue to speculate based on the moving speed and direction of the red dots.
After all, in the life mode, we don’t put the visible position map of the enemy and the enemy in a passive way. We can see the general activity position of the two sides from the small map, but we can’t zoom in to see the specific coordinate points. Therefore, we sneak in from the mountain to prepare for the encirclement and suppression of guerrilla teams, and they become more and more cautious. They are not familiar with this small room, and they are afraid that there will be ambushes in various patrol narrow lanes that look messy.
That’s very careful
Looking at Fang, which is surrounded by the stone wall of the furnace, waiting for Zuo Tangtang in situ, I can’t help but mutter that the iron claws in the hands of the Royal Guards have been prepared for a long time. They intend to pull the hook when someone is spying on the surface, and then the group company is old-fashioned but it is a good way to sneak attack at this time.
In the slow and patient waiting, the brothers of Blissful Valley probably did a good job of exploring around and moved closer to China. With doubts in their hearts, the brothers of Blissful Valley chose to climb this tall forging furnace. When Zuo Tangtang saw it slowly appearing in the first head of the hearth for a long time, the battle started here.
It’s difficult to climb the furnace wall, which makes the brothers of Blissful Valley reach different times. To a certain extent, it’s also the other party’s hiding Zuo Tangtang. They are an excellent hiding place. The poor brother of Blissful Valley managed to climb around and stretch his head. When he saw the blazing fire, he was pulled by the security guards with an iron hook and didn’t come. When he sent a warning on the team channel, he was already impatient, and the security guards rushed around and was instantly lost.
The Royal Guards quickly found the "prey" that had just been hidden in the hard-to-see fire again.
I have to say that it seems that it is a little habit of God-helped Royal Guards to accidentally bump into each other in the United front, and they also played a cover-all guerrillas belong to a team led by a unified command post, but because no one can turn the channel into free mode like fudge in this United front, no one can speak except the head of Maixu and the management of Blissful Valley.
Brother Blissful Valley, who had just been successfully attacked by the Royal Guards, couldn’t speak on the channel and didn’t come because he died too quickly. So when a Blissful Valley crawled to watch Fang Flame, an iron claw was thrown when his team members were burned to death …
"This is not found us?" Someone on the channel asked incredulously, and no one wants to believe that this battle will be so easy.
"Should … there is no …" CenJin is also quite unbelievable.