"Ha ha …" Jiang Ya laughed. "Why don’t Mundus give in easily?"

Lonely born tried it, but he was not afraid to sneer at it. "Although you have no magic, can you resist me with this martial arts?" What a lonely man! He was born to drink and swing a knife, but he was not afraid of his opponent’s strength and went straight for Jiang Ya!
"Hum!" Beidou swinging magic Zhenwu emperor a cold hum into the body will be lonely born to stop the hands of Zhenwu seven swords a cold mountain will be lonely born to stop the side Mo Zhai will also attack the sword from the back of a shake lonely born town yuan face changed, after all, I don’t want to drop my identity, more bullying, less will be ready to sleeve dry Kun received lonely born!
Solitary born knife is desperately posture, but after all, it is not what he is good at. Immediately put away the blood, kopis, and the silver dragon sword has appeared in his hand. Only then can he see that solitary born with one hand and oblique moon, Samsung swordsmanship is really good. Actually, the Zhenwu Emperor and Mo Zhai fought evenly and still vaguely occupied the wind.
The more Jiang Ya looks at it, the more the cold sweat tributary Zhenwu Emperor is different from Mo Zhai. Mo Zhai, a fairy, is superb with one hand and a sword. Let’s not say that Zhenwu Emperor is a martial arts celebrity, but he can’t be magical when he is born alone. He still can’t resist Jiang Ya’s heart and can’t help but praise "awesome!"
Know today if you don’t get rid of this evil in the future, you will make a wink at Huang Tianhua’s father. Huang Tianhua naturally knows that Mo Xie’s sword is besieged by solitary people, but Huang Feihu is proud and refuses to smile before Jiang Ya.
Four people and four swords were cold, but the situation of three strikes and one fight just made the orphan born with a draw. It turns out that the orphan born with the most tenacious character is the more capable of exploding the potential in such adversity. Moreover, the three-star sword with one hand leaning on the moon is a group battle, and there is no difference between one person and one hundred people, but it is just a question of whether strength can support it!
"Mom!" Lonely natural break scold a sneer at a way, "Jiang Ya, this is the truth of your forcing old age!"
When this statement comes out, everyone is surprised that this solitary person has come to this point and has not really got it?
"Hey!" Mo Zhai, after all, is different from the other two people. Zhenwu Emperor and Huang Tianhua are both battle-hardened Mo Zhai, but they have never had such a fighting experience. After listening to the solitary words, they were distracted at the moment and were caught by the solitary nature.
"Don’t listen to his nonsense. This fellow is already a spent force!" Jiang Ya saw this situation and actually lost a general. Suddenly, he looked at himself and said, "Yang Jian, you go!"
This Yang Jian never listened to people’s words. Even the Jade Emperor begged him for help at that time, but he refused to listen to Jiang Ya’s words. He jumped into the field with a three-pointed double-edged knife and attacked the solitary beast. This was a bitter experience. Yang Jian was not Mo Zhai. He and Yang Jian’s martial arts were the same. Three people went through many battles and danced the Silver Dragon Sword for an impenetrable defense.
Lonely born by Yang Jian recklessly for a few times, I feel that my arms are a little numb. Maybe Niu Mowang and Sun Wu can work hard with Yang Jian, but lonely born is a technical type. When you add a sword, you have a long weapon. At this time, your forehead has already left sweat.
"Mom!" Lonely is naturally depressed, thinking that he has been in such a mess since he debuted? A few days ago, I also split the Sanqing with a knife, and now I have such retribution! (Crazy cats get what they deserve … finally get what they deserve … haha …)
"Look!" Aside ginger tooth see solitary born tired light drink a took out a thing from the bosom when thrown towards solitary born head!
"I depend!" Lonely born in a panic, my eyes glanced at the tunnel and said, "Bitter!" That ginger sumptuous food baby is nothing but a whip! In fact, although the name of this magic whip is loud, it is typical that it is not worthy of the name, that is, it is a second-rate baby’s hit rate. The lethality is really terrible. If you put it in peacetime, even if your mana is blocked, you can’t be hurt by this thing. But at this time, you are locked in it by three dozen masters, such as hiding in the past. Is this a blow?
"when!" The orphan’s natural head is still relatively hard, and the actual lethality of the whip remains to be verified (to be honest, this stupid thing is at best a ring to strengthen jasper), but it didn’t hurt the orphan. It naturally made him dizzy, but it was enough!
"Look!" Jiang Ya, when he saw that he was busy with the whip, shook his hand and sold a red ribbon. He took advantage of his loneliness to entangle him and suddenly could not move!
"Ha ha …" Jiang Ya laughed. "I was born alone to see that you still have magical powers!"
"Hum!" Lonely born struggled but didn’t know that the red belt was a baby, but suddenly laughed. "Ginger teeth, don’t be proud. Although you caught me, did you kill me?" Ha ha … "
Ginger teeth sneer at a way "so then lock your generation do you know this red belt? I’m not afraid to tell you that nine days ago, Xuan Nv virgin menstrual blood was dyed into chastity belt and was refined by Emperor Xuanyuan’s mana sacrifice. You won’t escape haha … "
"I rely on you to be so disgusting that I am the protagonist?" Lonely born crazy vomiting … (crazy cat measures the sky. That statue-spelling cat saw that you have been too crazy recently, so it made you suffer some hardships and hit you with human-god shit! Lonely born "_! )
In fact, loneliness is not so unbearable. If loneliness is born, it will really lead … But there is another mystery, and mystery is rare …
Chapter 40 Jiugong disintegration array
Chaos! The demon kings in the Huaguoshan tent are in confusion …
"Second brother, let’s go and save Big Brother!" King Kong, the black bear, was the first to get up and drown out the noise!
"Dear brother, let’s kill Mu Tianjie!" Niu Mowang roared a mixed iron bar in his hand.
"That’s right. Let’s go to the blood-washed wood heaven!" Nezha brow a ShaQi hideous now!
"good!" Sun Wu, with his golden cudgel in his hand, shouted angrily and walked out. "Come with me and kill every one of Mu Tianjie!" Although Sun Wu is a wise man, he loves impulsiveness. How can he be patient when he is born alone?
"Second general, wait a minute!" Bai Maoxian was terrified out of her wits and stopped Sun Wudao. "This time, Mu Tianjie obviously had a plan. I’m afraid there will be two generals cheating three or four!"
Sun Wu doesn’t listen to Bai Maoxian’s words, but he still listens. He frowned and looked at them one by one. The demon king asked, "What are your brothers like?"
The hundred-eyed demon army got up and got his sword out of its sheath and said, "As soon as you make me poor, you will kill the wood heaven and take Jiang Ya alive, making his life worse than death!" Then he took out a Dan medicine and put it on the surface of the sword for two times. Suddenly, the green light bursts on the surface of the sword are obviously highly toxic!
Everyone took out their weapons and obviously responded to Sun Wu’s words, indicating that they wanted to fight! These demon kings are unruly people who pay the most attention to loyalty, so don’t care if there is fraud!
"Don’t think twice!" This is not just the white-haired fairy Sirius King, but also persuaded him that although he is also the demon king, he is different from those demons who rely on one’s strength to eat.
Sun Wu frowned and thought for a moment and said, "Big Brother can’t help but save two brothers, four monkey generals, my nephew Niu, my nephew Haiduo and my nephew Hammer, and go with me. The others are waiting here to obey the military division!"
Bai Maoxian wanted to dissuade him before, but Sun Wu waved and stopped him. "I have made up my mind that the strategist doesn’t have to say much-"Say that he should go out and Niu Mowang and others followed behind him with a face of anger.
Sun Wu and others are quick and don’t bring military forces. For them, this time it’s not the two armies rushing to kill and bring military forces. Instead, it’s redundant to rush all the way to the outside of the wooden heaven. Far away, I saw Jiang Ya holding a whip and smiling at the tower. When he arrived near, Jiang Ya first handed over and said, "The holy emperor is polite!"
"Cut the crap and let my big brother go!" Sun Wu drank a little, but Jiang Ya was far away, and this roar almost vomited blood.
Forcibly press the bloody ginger tooth back channel-"Pumen are perverts!" Then I didn’t dare to talk nonsense with Sun Wu again. I sneered, "It’s not difficult to let me go alone, and I’ll talk about it after my ninth palace collapses!" Say to hand a pendulum Sun Wu and others immediately existing change!
Sun Wu looked around and now he doesn’t know where he is. Niu Mowang and others have disappeared. He is alone and indecisive. Suddenly he heard a loud shout in his ear, "Sun Wu wants you to die at my hands today!"
Sun Wu looked intently and suddenly his fangs turned out to be his life. lost face was not far away. There was a man wearing a goose yellow cloak and a three-mountain phoenix hat. He had a three-pointed double-edged knife and a clear face. There was also a roaring dog next to him. Who was it that was not Erlang Yang Jian?
It is an enemy who is particularly jealous when meeting. For Yang Jian, Sun Wu hates his "wife" and doesn’t talk nonsense. The two of them don’t talk nonsense. It’s not difficult to directly rush to beat Sun Wu to break this law, but at this time, it’s not necessary to put Yang Jian down first!
The two of them are evenly matched. Yang Jian was a little worse before, but it has been different for many years. It is more powerful than a knife with three arrows and two blades. The dog is also a great power. Although Sun Wu has an advantage in power, he has a tie with Yang Jian!
Two people here don’t ask Niu Mowang and Sun Wu are in a general situation at this time. There is also a man in front of him. The man is entangled in a robe, a turtle and a snake. It’s quite strange. Like a child, he must fly in the sky with a sword face and seven gems arranged according to the direction of the Big Dipper. It is the Big Dipper who swings the magic Zhenwu Emperor!
"Brother Niu wants to be safe!" Zhenwu emperor smoothed her Hu laughed. "It’s been nearly a hundred years since we parted, hasn’t it? Ha ha … You and I are old! "
"Hum!" Niu Mowang snorted scornfully. "I thought you were a Han and made friends with you, but now you are helping the jade emperor. Can’t you see that the jade emperor is doomed?"
"Measure the Buddha …" Zhenwu Emperor laughed. "Is Laodao helping the Jade Emperor, but returning his favor? Brother Niu is suffering from this muddy water again?"
Niu Mowang will mix iron bars and shout, "Come with you and see what progress you have made over the years!"
"Ha ha ….." Zhenwu Emperor shook his head and smiled. "Brother Niu is still in such a temper and is not busy. Listen to being original first!"
"Have something to say! ~ Niu Mowang some impatient way
Zhenwu Emperor laughed. "Brother Niu ranked the top five in Dongting Fairy in those days, and the strength of the other four besides Bodhi bodhi old zu was also high. Although I never knew that they were better than us, the seventh Mahakasyapa is no longer brave in those days, but the progress is slow because of his own body. Only you and I are equal in strength to Jiro Zhenjun …"
"Bullshit! These old people knew a hundred years ago that if you want to say something, just say it, don’t hesitate! " Niu Mowang thundered to interrupt Zhenwu Emperor.
"Ha ha ….." Zhenwu Emperor laughed. "Being original means that you and I are equal in strength. I’m afraid it’s not easy to decide the outcome. Why not simply decide the outcome?"
Niu Mowang thought for a moment, and this statement of Zhenwu Emperor was also reasonable. He nodded, "As simple as that?"
Emperor Zhenwu said, "Being original has become seven strokes of swordsmanship in recent years. You and I will fight seven strokes of swordsmanship. After that, if Brother Niu is ill and nothing is stronger than these seven strokes, it will be considered that being original has lost Brother Niu."
"If you are willing to die, you will be willing to bury!" Niu Mowang said will begin!
But he heard Zhenwu say, "Wait a minute!"
"You big ye, why do you talk so much nonsense?" Niu Mowang was angry and swearing.
Zhenwu Emperor laughed. "You and I always have a friendship that can’t be hurt. It’s better to be original than to exercise the seven tricks for Brother Niu. Brother Niu will figure out the solution and we won’t fight to the death!"
"Hey …" Niu Mowang shook his head. "Just do what you say and practice quickly!"
Zhenwu Emperor nodded and said, "Brother Niu, watch!" After all, every step in the direction of the seven stars makes a move, and every move is a "stab". However, this simple move makes Niu Mowang frown more and more tightly, waiting for the seven moves to make Zhenwu Emperor laugh "Like?"
Niu Mowang seems to have turned a deaf ear to cross his legs and sat frowning. The Emperor Zhenwu didn’t urge him to insert the sword to the side and close his eyes. This fairy and demon would produce strange things. It is one of the ancients to sit up in the law of the disintegration of the two armies!
Although the two people present didn’t feel much, there was actually a moment when Niu Mowang suddenly burst out laughing face upwards. Zhenwu Emperor could feel the whole Jiugong large array shaking, but then Niu Mowang put away his smile. Obviously, he still didn’t have the ability to break this Jiugong large array.
"Measure the Buddha …" Zhenwu Emperor smiled at Niu Mowang and said, "Brother Niu is so savvy that he has gone to be original. Since then, he has stopped asking about the three realms in seclusion with Been …"
Zhenwu Emperor said, "With a wave of his hand, the big sleeve rose from the clouds and heard its sound far away." Brother Niu, you and I don’t know how to do martial arts. Being original first won’t let you-"
"Fuck him!" Niu Mowang criticise a or so looked at his half hanging daoist magic calculated out of the array.
Ginger tooth looked away Zhenwu emperor bitter sigh to himself, "Bai Jian how many days can I give you support? Let’s call it the old asking for it … "
"Poof …" Song Haiduo was accidentally swept by Huang Feihu’s point steel gun and flew back three feet and one mouthful blood gushed out. Then he stared coldly at the silver gun in Huang Feihu’s hand, which had long been picked to fly a free and unfettered fan and could hardly hold it.