However, as soon as I entered the door, I saw two beautiful women waiting on Zhu Yinzhen. Shen Menglu still felt a sense of indescribable strangeness in his heart.

How can I feel that? I feel sick and inexplicably unhappy at the same time.
Shen Menglu saw that Jingxuan was not happy, and she touched his head calmly and took him out.
Shen Menglu also doesn’t want to stay here any longer. What do you think of the happy picture of these two waitresses and three ladies?
Zhu Yinzhen saw that the two of them had just arrived and were about to leave, especially holding hands and walking hand in hand. I was not calm in my heart. How do I think about it? I feel that Jingxuan is demonstrating with Shen Menglu.
"Jingxuan, since I’m here, I don’t have much time to spend with my father. Come here, my father." Zhu Yinzhen said to Jingxuan, but his eyes drifted to Shen Menglu from time to time.
Jingxuan pursed her lips and didn’t talk in anger.
"Shen Huiren, you haven’t checked for the king today." My son didn’t give Naizhu Yinzhen a good hand from Shen Menglu’s side.
Shen Menglu’s eyes lightly swept Wei Xinyan Cao Yingying Zhu Yinzhen and then fell to Cao Yingying’s hand holding ginseng soup. She evoked a vague smile. "Mu Wang Ye, you have a big problem and rest for a few days, but if you are in such a hurry and want to enjoy the beauty, please forgive Miss for her superficial medical skills."
Zhu Yinzhen’s face changed. He knew Shen Menglu well. The sarcastic words in her remarks should be more than just sarcasm.
Weixinyan also noticed that Shen Menglu frowned slightly when staring at Cao Yingying’s ginseng soup. She did not consider the first two steps of raising a smiling face against Shen Menglu’s bad feelings in her heart. "Is this what Shen Huiren meant? But what’s wrong with this prince drinking ginseng soup? "
Shen Menglu saw through Weixinyan’s heart at a glance and wanted to help her suppress Cao Yingying. She was too good at thinking. "Ginseng soup or beauty grace, I’m afraid Muwangfu is still blessed at this time. If you accidentally get mad … no amount of rejuvenation pills can save you. If Muwangye wants to recover soon, I’m afraid he needs to calm down and cultivate sex."
Ginseng is a great tonic to keep healthy, but Zhu Yinzhen’s Huanshen Dan is a pure yang medicine. Zhu Yinzhen’s body is in a state of yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity at this time, and now ginseng is counterproductive instead of tonic effect.
Yu Meiren’s grace! Shen Menglu looked at a Zhu Yinzhen with a slightly evil eye, so two beautiful girls like peak sexually and threesomes had to get used to it when he recovered from a serious illness!
Zhu Yinzhen was stunned by Shen Menglu’s hostile eyes. After listening to her words, he suddenly felt that he had just swallowed the ginseng soup and his stomach was low-paying.
"Ah … so this ginseng soup is harmful to the report! Sister Cao, your thoughts are really … "Weixinyan chuckled. Although this ginseng soup is no problem, in the end, this Cao Yingying was kind enough to do bad things.
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes sank into Cao Yingying’s soup.
Cao Yingying was shocked by Zhu Yinzhen’s cold eyes. Her hands were warm and ginseng soup was as hot as a potato at the moment, and she couldn’t hold it for a few steps.
When Cao Yingying shook his hand, the soup bowl should fall to the ground and break into several pieces, and the soup was spilled all over the floor.
Cao Yingying turned pale and shivered on his knees. "The report doctor said that ginseng is good for the recovery of the body. Yingying didn’t know that it would harm the report. Please believe in Yingying."
"Get up!" Zhu Yinzhen lightly looked at her knees. Cao Yingying lent her ten bravery and dared not harm him. "Go to the queen’s meal and it won’t bother you."
Cao Yingying got up with a shudder and walked towards the door with heavy steps. A feeling called sadness flooded on her. Will she be put in limbo because she has been heartbroken?
Zhu Yinzhen’s words don’t sound reproachful, but Cao Yingying knows that after all this noise today, I’m afraid she will be even colder in the future.
She has never heard that ginseng can eat bad things! Who knows if this Shen Menglu is mystifying! When passing by Shen Menglu, Cao Yingying gave her a bad look.
Shen Menglu turned a blind eye to Cao Yingying’s hatred eyes. Advice is always hard to hear. It’s a pity that Shen Menglu has a good soup. It’s shameful to regret the waves!
Wei Xinyan looked at the mess and left. Cao Yingying smiled proudly. She walked to Zhu Yinzhen in a flattering way and made a state of concern. "Fortunately, the report took a sip. Can you feel uncomfortable?"
At Wei Xinyan Zhu Yinzhen indifferently, she was bored with her little thoughts. "Yan Fei should be glad that Shen Huiren got it when he got it. Isn’t Yan Fei worried about the royal family? Shen Huiren has excellent medical skills and Shen Huiren takes care of Wang Yanfei, so she can rest assured that there are many things in the house. Yan Fei still goes to work! Have JingXuan and Shen Huiren accompany the king. "
Weixinyan’s face is frozen with a smile. Zhu Yinzhen’s sudden face change is somewhat unprepared. Zhu Yinzhen’s sentence Yan Fei makes Weixinyan’s heart cold. His sentence Shen Huiren takes care of the king and makes Weixinyan’s heart cold again.
Wei Xinyan’s original fiery heart instantly seemed to have fallen into icehouse and frozen into a piece of ice.
"Didn’t the report say that the male and female servants should spend time with the report?" Weixinyan trembling lips unwilling to mouth.
"Just go with King Jingxuan." Don’t say that Zhu Yinzhen has a crush on Weixinyan. Even if she has some true love for her, Zhu Yinzhen, who has a bad face, can’t leave her at the moment.
Women are everywhere, just one! Jingxuan’s handsome little face is too smelly to stink any more. Zhu Yinzhen wants to do more at the moment to comfort her son Shen Menglu and save her image.
WeiXinYan know more benefits will no longer struggle to hold calmly toward Zhu Yinzhen blessing ceremony said a sentence male and female servants excused himself and then proudly withdrew from the sacred temple.
Wei Xinyan knew in her heart that Zhu Yinzhen would suddenly change her face. There must be Shen Menglu. Because of this, she can’t be rude before Shen Menglu. She can’t let Shen Menglu see her embarrassment and embarrassment.
Out of the temple of the blessed one, Wei Xinyan could no longer contain her resentment. She glared bitterly back at the temple of the blessed one.
It’s wishful thinking for the sovereign to marry Shen Menglu into the government! She would never let this happen! Never!
"Jingxuan, come and talk with my father here." There is no matter. Zhu Yinzhen softened his expression and gently summoned Jingxuan.
Jingxuan is a child after all. When he saw Zhu Yinzhen, he sent both Weixinyan and Cao Yingying away. His face softened a lot, and he was no longer as stiff and smelly as before. However, in the face of Zhu Yinzhen calling Jingxuan, his heart was still awkward and struggling.
"I don’t know if it’s a bad thing for the king to feel tightness in his chest." Seeing Jingxuan still holding Shen Menglu’s hand and refusing to move Zhu Yinzhen, he used a killer to frown and rub his chest and sigh. "Shen Huiren said that the king needs to be calm, but Jingxuan can be angry with his father to make Wang Rushuxin look like a king."
Jingxuan smell speech hold Shen Menglu hand a tight eyes cast a worried look Shen Menglu.
Shen Menglu’s eyes were disdainful of Zhu Yinzhen’s childish tricks. Of course, Shen Menglu knew that Zhu Yinzhen’s remarks were bluffing, but it was just what he said to coax Jingxuan into deceiving children in the past.
In the face of Jingxuan as bright as a black gem, Shen Menglu doesn’t expose Zhu Yinzhen’s lies, indicating that Jingxuan used to be around Zhu Yinzhen. She is not a black-hearted person and won’t do anything away from her father and son.
Get Shen Menglu’s approval of Jingxuan. She walked to Zhu Yinzhen with a little face and reached out and rubbed his chest for him. "My father knew that he needed rest, so he asked for trouble and summoned those wolves, tigers and leopards."
Jing Xuan stuck his heart to Zhu Yinzhen’s chest, and a warm current flowed through his chest. He gently evoked the corners of his mouth. "The lesson of the temple is that my father was wrong and he must stay away from them."
When I said that last sentence, Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes floated to Shen Menglu again