Dye Che chased her. She never told anyone that Dye Che once came to see her on business in Sydney. At that time, he wanted to be with her.

Yuanyuan never intended to consider this man, except because he is Feng’s younger brother. The most important thing is that she didn’t feel the sincerity of dyeing Che at first. Even if he had other thoughts, he still had some sincerity.
However, she can be sure that he must be half-scored, and she is even more ignorant because of what he chased her all the way to Australia.
She went to Sydney seven times before and after dyeing in the past two years! She refused to be friends again and again with some reluctance.
After she returned to China, Dye Che also looked for her several times, and she answered him several times with the same indifference. Now she frowned when she saw him coming.
"How did you come here?" Yuan spirit weak light asked
"I also went to the flower house banquet today." Dye Che sat beside her. "What about Fanfan?"
"It’s not over yet." Yuanyuan looked at the operating room anxiously. "I didn’t take good care of her."
"Listen to me, Yuanyuan. You are the most qualified mother in the world." Dye Che turned to look at him. "I have never seen a cuter child than Fanfan. Even though you are the most strict with Fanfan, Fanfan is also the strongest child in the world."
Yuanyuan smiled bitterly. "I shouldn’t scold her. Every time she doesn’t eat, she doesn’t mean not to eat. It’s not her heart."
"You are the best mom, but you shouldn’t be with my brother." Dye Che turned to her and said, "I told you a long time ago, didn’t I? My brother was not suitable for you before, you are suitable for big city life and my brother is an army. "
"Second, it’s my choice. I said before that I couldn’t leave him," Yuanyuan replied.
"But Hua Jia doesn’t want you to marry him. Anyone who doesn’t mind that something like this will happen again today. Do you believe it?" Dye her ear way
"You mean that the flower family did all the car accidents?" Yuan turned shocked and looked at his way
"I don’t know if the car accident was an accident, but I know if Fanfan is your child." Dye Che chuckled. "Don’t you remember? When you gave birth to Fanfan, I also stripped you and couldn’t move at that time. I helped Zhu Yi take care of Fanfan. "
"But I can’t figure out that Fanfan’s blood type is AB. I seem to remember that Fanfan’s blood type is AB." Yuanyuan has a splitting headache. "This can’t be wrong. I am type A wind, type O, type A and type O blood can’t give birth to AB blood children."
"Will the doctor make a mistake? For example, when he first wrote Type A, he found that he wrote Type B too quickly, but he felt that it was not good. He wrote an A in front and crossed it out behind. The result looked like a B, and the flower family looked at the suspicion that she was not your child. But what happened after a test? With this car accident, it’s fair to say that no matter how clever you are, you can’t compete with them. The scheming flower family won’t let you in, and even if you go in in the future, there will be no good life, "said Dye Che.
"You know very well." Yuan reveals a meaningful smile.
"Look at you, I treat you as a good friend and come to see you specially, but you suspect me." Dyed with a light smile.
"I didn’t say anything," Yuanyuan took a deep breath and said, "Thank you for coming."
"Think about what my brother will be like after I speak. Hua Jia will be very careful in choosing his wife," said Ran Che. "If you want to enter Hua Jia, not only will you suffer enough, but everyone will also suffer enough."
"Er Shaofeng is your brother. It’s really unkind of you to do it behind his back," Yuanyuan said.
"It is true that he is my brother, but whether he is suitable for you is another story," said Ran Che. "You have been unable to completely let go of the wind for so many years. Maybe once you completely let go, you will understand a lot."
She didn’t speak and just sat there in that position until the wind bought breakfast.
He bought soybean milk Sanji and fried dough sticks, bought a lot of things, and bought wet tissues "on how much to eat"
Yuanyuan looked up at him. She didn’t feel hungry at all. She wiped her face with a wet tissue and added a layer of water to make herself look refreshed.
When you go out again, the wind will put breakfast on the bench and the person has disappeared.
She drank soya-bean milk and ate half a sandwich. He has come back.
"Luca brasi, I’m sorry, I’m sorry." He knelt beside her and held her hand and kissed the back of her hand.
"I’m sorry that I didn’t take good care of Fanfanfan." Yuanyuan answered.
The wind said nothing more. He took out a brocade box from his pocket. It was a beautiful ring. The claw diamond ring almost caught her eye.
"Crazy Uncle" Yuan looked at him in shock.
"Believe me, we can get married soon. No one can stop me." Feng took out the ring. "I took my comrade-in-arms ring for the first marriage proposal. I didn’t even have this ring for the second marriage proposal. I don’t know if you would like a department store behind the hospital. I asked the shopping guide to help me pick it out. I solemnly proposed to you to marry me this time, okay?"
Yuanyuan looked at the style of this ring. It was probably because the shopping guide looked at him stupidly and chose the most expensive one for him. "But your family didn’t agree."
"I’ll make them agree to trust me, okay?" The wind put the ring in her hand. "Shall I put it on you?"
Tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded her head to see if he would wear the ring in the right size.