Slowly raised his hand, Lin Qing’s face relaxed expression gradually faded and gradually replaced by a dignified one.

The edge of the forest stands with both feet and fists on the chest. The instant dark blue Se sword awn appears at the edge of the forest. The competition has suppressed itself in the same realm as Lin Qing. The basic Wushu of Linjiazhuang has been put into use like flowing water.
Lin Qing didn’t dare to neglect a set of sand-flooding swordsmanship when he saw Lin Yuan’s self-heating.
The two men instantly attacked the whole courtyard for several years, and the sword light was silvery white. Se Zhenyuan and Lin Yuan’s dark blue sword awn stirred and swept the whole courtyard. Some elders saw this posture and stayed away.
Perhaps this level of moves is harmless to Lin Yuan, but they are not so strong for their elders.
When the two men continue to fight, they also enter a white-hot state. In the process, Lin Yuan has been suppressing his own realm very low and pressing it again. After all, Lin Yuan’s body is still too strong even if the real strength is weak.
But Lin Qing doesn’t feel this way. I don’t know that in this fight with Lin Yuan, an odd idea will suddenly come up in his heart, that is, the more deadlocked they are, the less hope he can win.
This feeling makes no sense, but it is so realistic and getting stronger and stronger.
He had a wry smile in his heart, but he finally took the lead.
At the same time, people around you also have a strange feeling.
From now on, Lin Yuan seems to be like an innocent person. On how fierce Lin Qing’s attack is, Lin Yuan always downplays Lin Qing’s moves.
In addition to Lin Jian watching the fog, the others exchanged a look and felt puzzled. It seemed that everything had been reversed.
And Lin Qing’s heart is a surprise for him to repair, but the nine peaks are better than the whole thousand-line town fighters, except that Mo Yuan’s mayor is better than others, so naturally he can have a similar feeling.
Lin Qing clearly felt that this situation at this time was not that he didn’t want to make moves, but that he was forced to make moves.
Because if the two of them confront each other like this again, they will be afraid that Lin Qing will eventually lose his courage.
"Shout …"
Lin Qing punched out, although it was not fast, but the strength was so calm that his arm boomed like a mountain.
The forest edge doesn’t hide or flash, and the sword has already disappeared. It has been replaced by fists and fists, and the shadow of fists is finally put to use.
The two men released a little bit of what they had learned, and their fist power was rising slowly, but they had quite a tacit understanding with each other, and they didn’t knock over the hall furnishings and things.
The elder saw the situation. He knew that Lin Yuangen had no intention of defeating Lin Qing at this time. He knew that it was his face. After all, the other party was the owner of Lin Guzhuang.
After a slight nod and a half ring, he finally sank "Stop"
Lin Yuan and Lin Qing immediately jumped back. Although they were locked in a fight, they also knew that enough is enough.
Two people smile at one another is to know the meaning of Lin Yuan. Naturally, they don’t say much, so they speak in the courtyard.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one-a new generation for the old.
Qianxing Town belongs to one of the many small towns in Fenglin County, among which Qianxing Town is precisely three big families, Linjiazhuang.
When the morning sun rises in Linjiazhuang, there is still a breath of fresh air in the morning. Almost all the younger brothers in Linjiazhuang have come out to work, even the 13-year-old children have almost got up to do morning exercises.
In the south of Linjiazhuang, the warm morning sun shines through the trees next to the ground and leaves mottled spots on the ground.
Seeing a large group of teenagers visually, it is estimated that there are almost seventeen teenagers divided into three teams, each of which is arranged in rows, and the children are quietly on the ground.
In front of this large group of teenagers, there are three strong middle-aged people, all of whom are wearing short vests and coarse trousers.
It is close to the end of the summer season, and the weather is naturally very hot.
"If you want to be a fighter, you must work hard from an early age." The first middle-aged man said with his head held high with his hands, and his eyes were cold, and he glanced at a team around him. The group of teenagers sipped their mouths and stared at the middle-aged man, but they dared not go out.
The name of the first middle-aged man is Lin Man, who is in charge of guiding his younger brother to cultivate practitioners’ self-cultivation, and has reached the day after tomorrow, which is regarded as the mainstay of Lin Guzhuang.
"You are all ordinary people, and you can’t be as talented as those big families. If you want to get ahead and not be looked down upon in the future, you must exercise according to the oldest, simplest and most basic methods, and you will be exhausted!"
Lin Man glanced at this group of teenagers.
"White" a group of teenagers shouted loudly.
"Good" Lin Man nodded coldly with satisfaction. Most of the eyes of the 12-year-old teenagers were puzzled by the practice, while those of the precocious teenagers were determined because of what they said.
Almost every man in Linjiazhuang has to work hard since childhood. If he doesn’t work hard, he will be looked down upon in the future! Representing a man’s status is strength and money!
Even a woman will look down upon a man without strength.
I want my parents to attract me, girls to worship me, and I want to have a beautiful future!
You must become a great fighter!
Don’t say that Lin Guzhuang, even the whole world of Zhao, is powerful. You are powerful. The stronger your ability, the more you naturally have.
They are all civilians, and it is impossible to cultivate those precious natural materials and treasures. The only way for them to cultivate them is to exercise and fight the true spirit from an early age! Work hard! J and jīng spend more time and effort than those big families!
"In the morning, the morning sun rises and everything is full of vitality. Now is the best time to absorb heaven and earth, J ○ ng Hua Gao and our physical potential. As usual, legs should be shoulder-width apart, knees should be slightly bent, and hands should be put at the waist to form a state of’ harmony between man and nature’. When doing this move, remember to keep your mind calm and breathe naturally." Lin Manleng said.
The combination of heaven and man is the simplest and most effective way to exercise, which is the experience accumulated by our ancestors over the years.
This is also the time when every Mushatokoro has to learn posture theory, whether it is meditation or when you practice absorbing the truth of heaven and earth. This is all such a posture, with five hearts in the air, eyes in the nose, eyes in the nose, and mind in the nose. At this time, one is practicing sitting.
Suddenly, more than a dozen teenagers did well in accordance with the requirements of the posture of "harmony between man and nature"
"Remember to pay attention, be calm and breathe naturally!" Lin Man walked in the youth group and said coldly
At first glance, it is obvious that the teenagers in the team in the south are all calm and breathing naturally. At the same time, they have all achieved’ deep, flat and steady’. Obviously, they have made some achievements in’ harmony between man and nature’
However, look at a few younger teenagers in the north, their knees are bent to different degrees, and their legs are baggy, showing no strength and no stability at all.
In addition, the whole body is shaking, not to mention its own attention. The roots have not entered the state. In the south, several older teenagers are actually very stable. It seems that they have entered the state and their breathing has become stable.
Lin Man said to the other two middle-aged people, "You are in charge of the south team and the east team respectively, and I will manage the teenagers."
"Yes, the captain" was immediately ordered by the two middle-aged people. Then the two men carefully watched the two teams in the east and south, and sometimes kicked the teenagers’ legs to see if they were stable enough.
While Lin Man walked towards the group of teenagers in the north, who immediately became nervous when they saw Lin Man coming towards them.
"After all, these teenagers are too young, and the theory of just practicing is far from enough physical or mental, and the requirements for them cannot be too high. However, physical exercise should be cultivated from an early age, and serious exercise from an early age will lead to greater achievements in the future."